‘Lastly, the staff did not massage by hand anymore but used’ real goods’, Hoang revealed.
Yoni goes for the first time, hesitant, then familiar
Actually yoni massages have been around for a long time. But lately, some husbands prefer to give their wife a yoni massage, which is the acknowledgment of D, a yoni masseuse who spent years studying abroad in Japan. shall. In addition, in Japan this type of attention attracts attention of women, including married or unmarried. “Due to the thought of the Japanese people quite comfortable with the issue of Asians who are sensitive, yoni massage is very popular that’s fire off.

ijoy 2580 massageThis occupation is also considered as one of the occupations with stable income level, “Đ said. But it is a story abroad, and when it comes to Vietnam , it is a matter for discussion. Now it is not difficult to find this unique massage service on many websites, especially the pages of sisters. I have heard a sister recently signed a divorce papers with her husband revealed, “happy family broke down, I also feel bored, the spirit is always sluggish, listening to your friend should go yoni massage For stress relief should also want to try, first awkward, but very familiar and familiar, until now I can not be dropped”. Seeing curiosity with the story of this experienced woman I decided to learn yoni is what kind of massage can make you “satisfied” so.

A lady is being served by a yoni masseur.
But this is the type of massage that only serves women who are male is the potential customer. Bring this question to Nguyen Thi H (District 1, HCMC), a patron of this massage service is known, men can also become VIPs by now this service is becoming. It is the choice of many men who want their wives to find a strange feeling. Being informed, I “bravely” contact the phone number 0932197 … to contact the service. After the exchange, Yoni said that the massage was “pure”, “You can take me to your base, or you can go to the massage parlor for my sister, But the service charge is higher than me, “the yoni masseur said firmly over the phone. To better understand this type of massage, I made an appointment to meet T,introduction of Ms. H. appearance looks no different from a student’s T few, though in his 30s but still pretty young T than the old. In the elegant dress T on the subject as soon as mentioned the problem of yoni massage.

“People call yoni massage, but many people call this type of massage a pleasure, our customers are all sisters. Yoni is a precious term for a woman, but our work is not as sick as many people think … “T shared. See an incredulous expression on the faces of my T immediately take the tablet with image recording technique massages and explained, “this is the image we shoot em consent of the customer, If you do not understand it, you will find it vulgar, but actually our job is to meet your needs. Even husbands can witness the whole process of doing our massages.”

The images provided are scenes of naked women lying on their stomachs for a man to sit upright behind his thighs with his two hands rubbing his buttocks. There are even images of the woman lying on her back, showing off her sensitive positions. On the body of the highway is the stiff hands of a guy is touching. T said that these images are just the start of the “climax” of this massage. “If you look at the final image of the human touch ijoy 2580 massage chair, it will be shocking, but it will bring joy to your sister,” T said. With our experience, T shares a more “end” stage requiring employees to have experience, if newcomers are unable to perform. By this stage technicians do not massacre yoni ladies by hand but use the “real” … On unit price T adds, the average price for each course is about 200. 000 to 300,000 depending on the customer, but that the massage by hand, but if the end of the customer will have to pay higher prices from 300,000 to 500,000. “But sliced ​​expensive because we have experience to drowning so unbelievable. The art of making money in that place. Most customers, when doing the yoni massage, claim to do the last piece of work. When the customer reaches peak, I just eat money, “T reveals his career secret. When doing the yoni massage they claim to do the last part. When the customer reaches peak, I just eat money, “T reveals his career secret. When doing the yoni massage they claim to do the last part. When the customer reaches peak, I just eat money, “T reveals his career secret.