With a history dating back to the mid-1930s, the hoodie is as much a contemporary piece of urban streetwear as it is a wardrobe staple and sartorial classic. Although it’s not a piece of formal looks, a hoodie is still one of those versatile, throw on pieces that can be matched with pretty much any casual outfit you want.

Like most historic pieces of clothing, it’s evolved throughout the years, and there’s a variation of hoodie designs to choose from today than what we had in the 30’s, enabling you to change up your look depending on your personal style.


The rule of thumb is to go for simple, clean designs with a more streamlined finish, or bulkier, statement designs for a more classically sports-luxe look. At the end of the day, the hoodie is just a casual essential favored by the likes of college kids especially the drug rugs, skaters, hippies and laborers, and its simple design and functionality had ensured it’s stood the test of time.


We like hoodies and we have made that an open secret. We love drug rugs too due to their display of individuality and we even have a whole section dedicated to them that you can choose from but sometimes, it can become difficult to make a choice as you might not know which one would suit you and how. We will be looking at how to wear and style classic hoodies and what you need to know about them.


The Classic Hoodie

This is the most basic of all hoodies and you really can’t go wrong with hoodies like these.


The classic pullover hoodie comes with a drawstring neck and muff style pockets that you can keep basic items into. It was the original design of hoodies when they busted into the scene in the 1930’s. The idea then was to sew a hood on an ordinary sweatshirt. This type of hoodie is quite comfortable and it’s no wonder why it suits most people due to its relaxed shape and flattering neckline.


For those who might have a bit of bulk that they would prefer to hide, this is the best hoodie for them. The Classic Hoodie won’t cling to your body and it won’t drown you in either as it has a clean finish. But if you’re way skinny, this might not be the hoodie for you as you would only look thinner due to its larger shape design. To see more classic hoodies for your grind we recommend orizabaoriginal.com and create your own style. 


It’s hard to say exactly how to style this kind of hoodie, as it’s generally the most laid back of all the styles and can be matched with a range of looks. If you’re going for an outfit that’s comfort-focused, but also works stylistically, try matching an un-patterned hoodie with a pair of slim fit joggers.


Two baggy pieces together don’t always create the most flattering look, so try to make sure your joggers are slimmer than your hoodie to help balance out the look. A grey hoodie paired with some clean blue jeans and white trainers can give a light, relaxed look that’s perfect for casual, out-and-about days.