So, you’ve opened a bar, you know the drinks you want to serve, the staff you want to serve them and the customers you want to target. You quickly learn, these decisions don’t always work out the way you planned. When you “run” a bar, you’re merely the gateway between what the clientele wants and when they want it. In the alcoholic beverage industry, the phrase “the customer is always right” is used a great deal more than other industries. The customers know what and how much of it they want. Big drink marketing campaigns may work for the youthful, just turned legal drinkers but for the more mature drinker, tastes have been established and stubbornness to try anything new has set in.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is one of the biggest learning curves for any catering event managers, hotels, bars and nightclubs. As a new bar owner, the fun part is making deals with breweries and wineries. It is not until you are up and running that you really find out how each product is selling and if your clients are enjoying what you selected. It might be disheartening to learn their tastes are not quite like yours but that’s the nature of the industry.

One sure fire way to get a quick handle on inventory and its success and failures is with the use of wireless liquor dispensing units designed by Danish company, Provargo. They specialize in bar management systems designed to get a better control on your supplies and generate sales reports at rapid rates. Take their wall bar rack for example, .

Provargo’s wall bar rack is a beautifully designed piece of equipment that collects, stores and sends invaluable information back and forth for an overview by a bar manager or owner. It is a discreet rack placed on the wall for liquors and wines behind the bar. Each unit offers complete control of the measurement of every pour, no more overpouring. It recognizes and collects information not only on every bottle change, but also the liquor or wine that has been poured between those bottle changes.

That information is sent to the Provargo transceiver which categorizes and organizes that information to send the Provargo ProCloud. The ProCloud is where you review and manage your stock and inventory levels. The accurate data from the wirelessly transmitted information from the wall bar rack empowers the bar manager or owner with real-time details on sales performances. Using this technology, you will in no-time have established the bestselling products and/or product types at any given time. The ProCloud provides you with sales comparisons on a week to week, month to month and/or year to year basis. The ProCloud App is another great feature of OProvargo’s entire bar management system. It can be set to notify you of shrinkage risks, low inventory and any unusual activity. All through your smartphone or table while you are on the go.

Staff Training

The physical labor or working in a bar can be intense. Many however get a great kick out of those busy and hectic nights, not to mention great tips.

Provargo’s bar management system units and databases like the wall bar rack, , can provide you with information on how each staff member is performing, based on their sales. This allows you the freedom to manage staff scheduling with even distribution of each high selling server.

The other beauty of Provargo is due to their accurate measurement tools and extra safety precautions, staff members don’t have to fear the accidental overpour and you can rest assured your bottles are safe from theft.

Don’t let your bar business be another statistic. Let Provargo ensure you of that.