Accounting firmPAL has designed a strategy for small to medium sized accounting firms that will increase the value and production of their accounting firm significantly in the short term.

PAL is in a position to be able to offer accounting firms the strategy and implementation tools to see their businesses move on average from benchmark statistics 70/$1 billable hours valuation to $2/$1 valuations. This innovative and informative workshop will show practice owners and partners how they can take charge of the profitability and growth potential of their businesses to find bookkeeper.

PAL is offering a workshop in 16 locations nationally throughout Jan and Feb 2007. In these workshops the following issues will be addressed –
How to potentially double the value of your fees within 2/3 years
How to generate more profit without any expectation of greater workloads or unfamiliar strategies for accountants.
PAL will show processes that will increase the value of your asset as well as gaining potential to establish aligned business assets.

PAL has the ability and the processes to institute a strategy and succession plan that will assist you in planning for your own retirement.

PAL recognises the importance and long term benefits of managing and growing a successful accounting firm. We are also cognisant of the need, and indeed the benefits, of enhancing your lifestyle to suit the needs of your business and personal life.

PAL will provide industry experts that will demonstrate to you the true benefit of sustained profit and growth potential of your business. This strategy has been proven to be successful for over 600 accounting firms throughout Australia already. We have significant testimonial feedback to suggest that these processes and programs are not only industry specific but have proven to be exactly what accounting firms have been looking for. The ability to unlock the potential of your business could have dramatic effects on your long term plans and aspirations.

PAL has the tools and process strategy you will require.
Learn about these at our unique workshops.

We are acutely aware that your service offering to your clients is, on average, at a very high standard. We have a process that will significantly improve the quality of that service offering, that will enhance your relationship with your clients and intern facilitate a significant supplementary revenue stream.

PAL is also aware that the long term success of any strategy looking to positively effect any business needs to have a robust and flexible long term implementation process. PAL has the pedigree and proven track record to show that their innovative strategic workshops are exactly what your business requires. We do not offer this strategy to other professional disciplines and have honed this workshop to specifically focus on the accounting industry. You will appreciate the quality of the workshop as it relates to your industry and communicates to you in the language you understand and are familiar with.

PAL also understands that as principles of your business you need to develop a well thought out and unique exit strategy. We will spend time during the workshop to highlight this important issue and encourage your feedback along with your peers.

During the workshop PAL will highlight to you the tools and strategies to help you with your profit and growth expectations, incorporating additional services you may not have thought of to help satisfy your clients requirements.

PAL will also provide useful tools to help you identify the current value of your business according to your own industry benchmark. We will then show you in your own terminology how to enhance this valuation by including strategies that you may not have contemplated.

PAL strongly recommends that if you are interested in growing your business that you spend a few hours with our professionals, even if your motivation is to establish a clearer view on the profitability of your business.