It’s plain and simple to understand if you take a look at the pictures in on this website and in this post. Most hot tub and spa owners change the water 3-4 times a year. They clean out the shell and refill it with water and add chemicals. What’s missing in this picture? Well for one, bio-film is always present on the pipe walls and in the jets and this gunk needs to be flushed out before you change the water so you can be ready for summer hot tub.
Intex hot tubI just cleaned out my lawyer’s hot tub owed him some money and my hourly rate is higher than his. I used the Ahh-Some Hot Tub Bio Cleaner and the Ahh-Some Filter Bio Cleaner to do the entire job. First, I took out the dirty filter and threw it in the hot tub floor, then I added one tablespoon of the bio cleaner and started the jets. Instantly the bio-film, which I call gunk or detritus (Latin for gunk) rose to the top of the foam. I ran the jets for about an hour and added about one more tablespoon. The gunk finds its way from the foaming action to the sides of the hot tub.

Ahh-Some Hot Tub Bio Cleaner

The Ahh-Some Hot Tub Bio Cleaner has a very specialized formula of unique ingredients that, when pushed through the piping with the high velocity water from the jets, scrapes layer upon layer of the gunk down to the pipe walls. Unlike jetted tubs in bathrooms, hot tub and spa bio-film gunk is always in warm water, so it is very easy for the Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner to do its work. The Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner has water clarification and conditioning properties in it as well as the ability to eradicate bacteria. Where do you ever see a product that has it all in one? Saving you money on harmful chemicals. Remember, the Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner is an environmentally friendly green cleaning product.

Now here is a cost saving idea, by using the Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner as a liquid you can clean the spa shell with it. It also puts a shine one shell like you never have seen before. I mix 1 tablespoon of the Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner, with 16 ounces of water, let the gel dissolve. I have already used 2-3 tablespoons of the bio cleaner or 1.5 ounces for purging and cleaning the shell. After filling up the hot tub with 300 gallons of water again, it is time to get the water prepped so that its ready for use. I brought the total alkaline (TA) from 20 to 90 by adding 6 tablespoons of Arm Hammer Baking Soda. This actually adjusting the pH to 7.8 as well. As an initial shock ot the water I added Cal Hypo, which cost $4 and will last a few years. This powerful 70% available chlorine shock zaps organic pollutants, bacteria, and algae. A quick chlorine boost at an economical price. I used 1/3 teaspoon in the 300 gallons of water. This shot the FAC (free available chlorine) to 5 ppm . way to high!

Hot Tubs and Spas

The Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner when used in Hot Tubs and Spas is not just for purging the pipes, it also is a true environmentally friendly Bio Cleaner that drastically reduces the amount of harmful chemicals (like cal hypo or dichlor) to give you safe, sparkling clear, and silky feeling water. I put 1/2 teaspoon of the Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner in the 300 gallon spa, and within 5 minutes the FAC went from 5 to 1 ppm. Why? The Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner is using it, and it masks the way you check for FAC. The bio cleaner searches the water for contaminants and eradicates them, making it easy for the filter to capture them, keeping the water clean. As long as you continue to add a small dab or 1/2 of teaspoon weekly, you will have no worries about the water quality and your hot tub will no longer smell like chemicals, chlorine or bromine.
Ahh-Some Jetted Tub Gunk Purge Bio Cleaner Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Reviews
$44.45 – $43.00

If you really need to have safe water for your hot tub and spa that will increase your enjoyment I would strongly suggest using the Ahh-Some Hot Tub Spa Bio Cleaner. No more red eyes, no more skin redness, no more skin irritation, no more harsh chemicals, no more wasting your money. Money back guarantee, we 100% stand by our product and there are just so many uses that I could not detail for you yet!