Seven free weight loss tips to get you looking good!

During the cold winter months (and summer months for that matter), many of us pile on the pounds. It’s cold and we’re hungry! The holidays add on many more pounds. Unless you’re one of those disciplined souls who stuck to the New Year’s resolutions, chances are you’re taking that weight loss goal seriously about now! Our summer wardrobes are not so visually forgiving as winter garb. Here we’ve got seven free weight loss tips that are guaranteed to help you shed some substantial pounds you can also Buy Codeine UK for more help.

Many of us go for the ‘three squares’ a day. This isn’t a good strategy for losing weight. Our free weight loss tip here? Become a snacker. This means eating several times a day, but just enough at each snack to feel satisfied. For example, a banana or apple and a glass of low-fat milk makes a good, nutritious breakfast, with lots of fiber and protein to start off the day. It’s filling and you and your stomach will be happy campers until at least 10am. Mid-morning, have a few whole grain crackers and a chunk of cheese. Continue this routine throughout the day. Make your evening meal small and lean. You’ll end up eating less and your stomach will quickly become accustomed to smaller amounts of food.

Our next free weight loss tip follows up on the first. Make your snacks with small portions of everything. Choose to eat healthy foods you enjoy, so each snack becomes a ‘treat’. Let’s say your favorite cut of beef is filet mignon. While the cost per pound is high, a 4-ounce portion won’t break the bank. Team this with a small dinner salad with tomatoes, greens, croutons and a low fat dressing for a fabulous evening meal.

Exclude fried and fatty foods from your menus. This may sound like a ‘duh!’, but so many dieters make the same mistake of thinking that so long as they count calories, they’ll still lose weight. This is a way of rationalizing, which is why we include this in our seven weight loss tips. Eliminating fatty meats and fried anything from your allotted snacks means an automatic reduction in calorie intake and an automatic increase in weight loss.

Try to drink water throughout the day. Keep water stocked in the refrigerator so it’s ice cold and always available. A number of studies suggest that people who drink water all during the day, experience a slight increase in their metabolic rate. This leads to weight loss. You’ll also be less hungry and be doing your digestive system a favor in one fell swoop.

When you indulge in your snacks, take your time eating them. Chew your food thoroughly and take a moment to enjoy the taste instead of gobbling it down real fast. This allows your stomach to realize you’re full when you’re finished eating, which helps avoid overeating. This free weight loss tip packs a bonus – it’s been demonstrated that slow eaters tend to live longer.

Try to include high fiber foods in every snack you eat. Veggies, fruits and whole grains are filling and nutritious, helping keep your digestive system clean, while, over time, giving you an energy boost derived from toxins and accumulated wastes flushed from your system on a regular basis.

The last of our free weight loss tips will probably come as no surprise, but we would be remiss in not mentioning it. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. More is better in this case. Walk, jog, bike or whatever turns you on. Just do it! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far away from the store, the front door of your workplace – take every opportunity to make your body move just a bit more. Get out and weed the garden or wash the car. Or do some extra housework, or anything to keep your body moving.

Rest assured. Following these seven weight loss tips will have you looking good when you hit the beach!

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